Other Innovations

Nuclear technology gives us so much more than clean, reliable and affordable electricity and nuclear medicine. Nuclear technology helps keep our food and protects our families from house fires.

Infectious Diseases

Nuclear technology saves lives in innovative ways to combat deadly infectious diseases in Canada and around the world. In doing so, the nuclear industry has shown its extensive expertise and an ability to adapt quickly to fast-spreading microbes.

Hydrogen Production

Many people envision that part of our clean-energy future is the hydrogen economy. When hydrogen gas reacts with oxygen, it releases energy that machines (like cars) can use. The only byproduct is pure water. Hydrogen can be burned in internal combustion engines or turned into electricity through fuel cells.

Environmental Protection

Nuclear energy is clean energy. When measured against other forms of electric generation, nuclear power’s effect on the environment is smaller in several ways.

Food and Agriculture

Nuclear technology plays several roles in improving crop yields, preventing spoilage and making our food safer.


Canada’s nuclear industry takes a responsible approach to aquatic environments. And nuclear technology continues to advance ways to provide drinkable water to more people around the world.

Consumer Products

Radioactivity is essential for several commonplace items in Canadian homes and businesses. In some cases, the presence of radioisotopes in these consumer products is required by law and can even save lives.


Whether it’s quickly taking routine measurements or testing and analyzing products and equipment without damaging them, nuclear technology has many industrial uses.

Space and Marine Travel

Nuclear technology is powering spacecraft after a long history of plying the seas.

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