Ashley Amyotte Photo
Ashley Amyotte
Executive Assistant to John Gorman
Tina Asdrubolini Photo
Tina Asdrubolini
Director, Corporate Affairs
Jill Baker Photo
Jill Baker
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Policy and Corporate Events
Snigdh Baunthiyal Photo
Snigdh Baunthiyal
Communications Officer
Lucy Brown Photo
Lucy Brown
Meeting and Events Coordinator
George Christidis Photo
George Christidis
Vice President Government Relations and International Affairs
Jessica Clifford Photo
Jessica Clifford
Manager, Events
Chris St. Germain Photo
Chris St. Germain
Chief Financial Officer
Camil Ghajary Photo
Camil Ghajary
Government Relations Specialist
John Gorman Photo
John Gorman
President & Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Gully Photo
Christopher Gully
Vice President, Communications & Member Engagement
Megan Janecka Photo
Megan Janecka
Project Manager
Natasha Lee Photo
Natasha Lee
Government Relations Associate
Michael Lynch Photo
Michael Lynch
Senior Advisor, Policy and Research
Shama Perveen Photo
Shama Perveen
Administrative Assistant
Laise Tan Photo
Laise Tan
Communications Officer
Kurt Wendler Photo
Kurt Wendler
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