Board Committees

The CNA board has a Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) and a Governance, Human Resources and Compensation Committee (GHRCC). Board committees are established to facilitate the work of the board and are accountable to the board, which retains responsibility for the activities and decisions of committees. Board committees consist of three to five directors, one of whom serves as committee chair. 

Finance and Audit Committee

Established for the purposes of the board’s oversight of the quality and integrity of the CNA’s financial reporting; the qualifications and performance of the external auditor; the CNA’s financial performance against its strategic plan; and additional financial matters as specified in their terms of reference. The committee also acts in an advisory capacity to management and the board on financial matters referred to it by the board or management. 

Committee Members

David Cates Photo
David Cates
President and CEO
Denison Mines
Milton Caplan Photo
Milton Caplan
MZConsulting Inc.
Patrick Dalzell Photo
Patrick Dalzell
Head Of Corporate Affairs
Bruce Power
Christine John Photo
Christine John
Senior Manager, Indigenous Relations
Ontario Power Generation
Rory O’Sullivan Photo
Rory O’Sullivan
Moltex Energy

Governance, Human Resources and Compensation Committee 

Established for the purposes of: (a) developing and making recommendations to the board on CNA articles of incorporation, by-laws and corporate governance policies, guidelines and procedures; overseeing and administering director nomination, election, orientation and succession; and approving processes for evaluation of the board; (b) assisting the board with respect to oversight of human resources, including CEO recruitment, evaluation, compensation, and succession; and other significant workplace policies and talent strategies; and (c) overseeing the process of membership acceptance and making recommendations to the board regarding membership issues and structure.  

Committee Members

Lisa McBride Photo
Lisa McBride
Country Leader, Small Modular Reactors
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Canada
John MacQuarrie Photo
John MacQuarrie
BWXT Canada Ltd.
Tammy Van Lambalgen Photo
Tammy Van Lambalgen
Vice President, Chief Corporate Officer
Orano Canada Inc.
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