The Advantages of Nuclear

Canada's nuclear industry provides clean, affordable and reliable electricity; good quality, high paying jobs; and medical innovations that diagnose diseases, treat illnesses and sterilize medical equipment.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine saves lives by diagnosing patients, treating patients and sterilizing medical equipment.


Climate change may be the greatest challenge of the 21st century. As the only readily expandable, low-carbon energy source that can provide a reliable and affordable source of electricity, nuclear power stands ready to meet the climate challenge.

Air Quality

Nuclear power delivers electricity that reliably powers communities and industries without pollution. Electricity is only as clean as its source. Nuclear makes electricity clean.

Energy Security

Nuclear energy is reliable. It works day and night, at all times of the year. It also contributes stable pricing, which is important to businesses and residents.

Jobs and the Economy

Canada’s nuclear industry is an economic engine, offering high-quality jobs to skilled individuals, and revenue for provincial and federal governments. The industry also has excellent potential for growth.


With an abundance of nuclear resources, Canada is a major exporter. This bolsters the Canadian economy, brings in tax revenue, and enhances Canada’s international prestige. Canada does this while providing nuclear technology that saves lives and fights climate change.

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