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Jennifer Edey

December 11, 2023

Jennifer Edey is the Senior Vice President of Operational Services and Business Development at Bruce Power. She oversees the operation of key services that directly support the safe operation of Bruce Power’s nuclear fleet. These services include Information Technology and Digital Transformation, the operations and maintenance of all facilities and infrastructure, the document management system for Bruce Power, Radiological Waste Management and Health Physics. She also leads Emergency and Protective Services which consists of Nuclear Security, Fire Response and Prevention, and Emergency Management.

She has most recently added Business Development to her portfolio where she oversees isotope development, new nuclear initiatives and innovative technology and project opportunities to support our Net Zero Strategy.

Jennifer started her career with Suncor in Calgary where she was at the leading edge of renewable energy development in Canada. She developed wind farms across Canada and eventually co-ran a successful wind development company in Ontario.

She studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo and completed her Executive MBA through Queens University while working for Suncor in Calgary.

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