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Glenn Jager

June 12, 2015

President of OPG Nuclear & Chief Nuclear Officer
Ontario Power Generation

Glenn Jager is the President, OPG Nuclear and Chief Nuclear Officer at Ontario Power Generation (OPG).  Glenn was appointed to this position in April 2015.  Prior to this appointment, Glenn was Chief Nuclear Officer (CNO), appointed in November 2013.  Glenn is also President of Canadian Nuclear Partners (CNP), a wholly owned subsidiary of OPG providing technical management and field services to the Nuclear Industry and Power Sector.  Glenn reports directly to President and CEO Jeffrey Lyash.

Prior to his appointment as CNO, Glenn was the Senior Vice President at Pickering Nuclear. Appointed to this position in August 2011, Glenn was responsible for the strategic direction, planning and execution required to achieve nuclear production targets at Pickering, while focusing on safety and reliability.

Glenn joined OPG (formerly known as Ontario Hydro) in 1981 as a System Engineer at Pickering. He has held positions of increasing responsibility within OPG as, Shift Manager, Reactor Projects Manager, Outage Manager, Maintenance Manager, and a two year secondment to the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) in Atlanta as a Team Manager in Plant Evaluations. Upon his return from WANO, Glenn was appointed Director of Operations and Maintenance at Pickering Nuclear, and then as Site Deputy Vice President at Darlington Nuclear.

Glenn has been licensed as a Shift Manager at Pickering and a Duty Manager at both Pickering and Darlington Nuclear stations. He is a graduate of the University of Western in 1981 with a BESc in Electrical Engineering.

Glenn and his family are long time residents of Bowmanville, Ontario.

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