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Amy Gottschling

June 21, 2023

Amy Gottschling is currently the Vice President of Science, Technology and Commercial Oversight at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL). Amy is responsible for overseeing the performance of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) nuclear science and technology projects and programs for the Government of Canada, as well as commercial science and technology projects for third-party customers. Amy plays a key and fundamental role in executing the long-term strategy for AECL and driving nuclear opportunity for Canada.

Throughout her career, Amy has followed her passion for advancing applied scientific knowledge to advance technologies and solve challenges within the nuclear industry. Amy Gottschling started as a corrosion scientist, working for many years in an R&D capacity prior to moving into leadership roles. During her years in private industry and growing as a leader, she gained a strong understanding of how to launch and lead new businesses and projects by implementing corporate, department, or technical strategies targeted around existing capabilities and expertise.

Amy is a leader who believes in advancing Canada’s profile in the energy sector both nationally and internationally and ensuring research and innovation results in real-world solutions to solve our biggest challenges in clean energy, health, environment, and safety and security.

Amy Gottschling holds a BSc and PhD in chemistry and nuclear from Western University in London, Ontario.

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