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GEL Laboratories

March 4, 2020

GEL Laboratories LLC “GEL” is located in Charleston, SC USA. GEL has provided support to the Canadian nuclear industry for over five years. To utilities in Canada GEL provided analytical radiochemistry and bioassay services meeting ISO 17025 quality control specifications. GEL also supports nuclear operations in the ISA, UK, France, Japan, Germany, and Italy. GEL is the primary provider of environmental radiochemistry services for the US Department of Energy sites. GEL has also supported special projects for the nuclear power industry, US utilities, and private corporations.

Our services include:
1 – Radiochemistry – All Sample Types and Matrices
2 – Radiobioassay Analysis
3 – Metals, Organics, Inorganic, PCB, TCLP “waste analysis”, and General Chemistry
4 – Carbon 14 air monitoring
5 – Flexible data package and EDD deliverables
6 – Field I-Pad based sample management software

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