Refurbishment - Canadian Nuclear Association


For Canada to meet its COP targets, it must continue to invest in low-carbon sources. At over $25 billion, the refurbishment of Ontario’s nuclear power plants is the largest clean-technology investment in the country. Need Proof?

1) Refurbishment will provide clean electrical production for another 25-30 years, supporting increased deployment of renewables and further reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.)

2) Continuing operations at Pickering alone will avoid eight million tonnes of GHG emissions, which is equal to taking 490,000 cars off Ontario roads. (Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines.)

3) In 2015, former Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli stated that it was more important than ever to invest in nuclear power as a way to offset GHG emissions that contribute to climate change. (Toronto Star.)

Investing in refurbishment provides cost stability and certainty, allowing communities and businesses to more accurately forecast and plan for the future. Need Proof?

1) The post-refurbishment cost of power will range between 7 and 8 cents per kwh, up very slightly from 6.8 cents in 2016. (Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines.)

2) Investing in nuclear generation as a baseload power for the province is the best way to ensure stable and affordable energy over the long term. (Ontario Chamber of Commerce.)

3) Refurbishment investments ensure low power costs for the province and help to protect Ontario’s economy from uncontrollable global economic factors affecting the price of energy. (TVO.)

The refurbishment projects will put thousands of people to work and ensure economic prosperity for the province of Ontario for years to come. Need Proof?

1) One reactor refurbishment provides 6,500 direct years of employment. Once refurbishment is completed, a single nuclear unit will employ nearly 1,000 people in full-time jobs for decades. (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.)

2) Nuclear refurbishment will contribute $15 billion to Ontario’s GDP. (Reuters.)

3) Sheila Hall, executive director with the Clarington Board of Trade, says that refurbishment will mean over 8,000 jobs for Durham region alone. (