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The TeachNuclear website is an information resource developed by drawing on the expertise of leading nuclear scientists and science educators and the support of provincial and territorial science-curriculum coordinators. The aim of the website is to explain nuclear-energy concepts to the public, teachers, and students.

Careers in nuclear

Careers in the nuclear industry offer women and men challenging work, competitive salaries and benefits, and opportunities for advancement. With refurbishment contracts and potential new builds in progress, and an aging workforce, recruitment efforts are well underway to attract and retain the next generation of nuclear workers.

Map & timeline

Canada has been integral to the history of nuclear power and research since its beginnings, and is responsible for several landmark achievements.


The Canadian Nuclear Association has commissioned and published a variety of studies on subjects such as safety in the nuclear industry, the environmental impact of nuclear energy, and life-cycle costs. American and other international studies on nuclear matters, dating back several years, are also available.


Videos are available on subjects such as Canada’s nuclear history, how nuclear power is generated, nuclear safety, and waste management – as well as some of the highest-rated videos from the Canadian Nuclear Association Conference + Trade Shows.

External resources

While the Canadian Nuclear Association site strives to be a source of thorough and reliable information on nuclear technology in Canada, several other organizations, including government bodies, research institutes, and utilities provide more detailed information about specific aspects of the nuclear industry.


Discussions of nuclear technology involve many specialized terms.