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The CNA works with governments on policies and promotes the value nuclear technology brings to the environment, economy, health care and the daily lives of Canadians.

CNA advocacy and government submissions

Net Zero Needs Nuclear – Global Nuclear Industry Open Letter
May 2021 (PDF)

Canadian Nuclear Association response to Ontario’s low-carbon hydrogen strategy discussion paper
January 2021 (PDF)

Canadian Nuclear Association’s response to the Hydrogen Strategy for Canada
August 2020 (PDF)

Canadian Nuclear Association submission on Bill C-68 to the Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans
April 2019 (PDF)

Canadian Nuclear Association submission on Bill C-69 to the Standing Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources
February 2019 (PDF)

CNA Comments on the Proposed Rules with respect to the Federal Carbon Pricing System February 2019 (PDF)

CNA Comments on Generation Energy Council Report
August 2018 (PDF)

Vision 2050 – Canada’s Nuclear Advantage
October 2017 (PDF)

Generation Energy: Nuclear in Canada to 2050
August 2017 (PDF)

2017 CNA Finance Brief
August 2017 (PDF)

CNA Comments on Discussion Paper on Environmental and Regulatory Reviews
August 2017 (PDF)

Executive Summary of the CNA Submission to the Ministry of Energy Regarding Ontario’s LTEP Consultation
December 2016

CNA Submission to the Ministry of Energy Regarding Ontario’s LTEP Consultation
December 2016 (PDF)

Review of Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Process
November 2016 (PDF)

Fisheries Act Review
November 2016 (PDF)

Letter to the Industry Committee on Nuclear’s Role in Canadian Manufacturing
October 2016 (PDF)

Nuclear Industry Comments on Canada’s Draft 2016-19 Sustainable Development Strategy
June 2016 (PDF)

Nuclear Industry Further Views on Meeting Ontario’s GHG (greenhouse gas) Targets Through a Cap and Trade Program
December 2015 (PDF)

Nuclear Industry Views on Meeting Ontario’s GHG Targets 
October 2015 (PDF)

CNA research

Canadian Climate Priorities 2021 (commissioned by CNA, Canadian Electricity Association, Canadian Renewable Energy Association, WaterPower Canada, Electricity Human Resources Canada, Marine Renewables Canada)
Abacus Data
May 2021 (PDF)

Emission and Economic Implications for Canada of Using Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) in Heavy Industry (full study) – please find the Executive Summary here
EnviroEconomics and Navius Research
March 2021 (PDF)

Tracking key indicators and support for investing in new technologies
Abacus Data
February 2021 (PDF)

Nuclear for a better tomorrow: How nuclear science contributes directly and indirectly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
January 2020 (PDF)

Benefits of Nuclear Energy for Canadians
MZ Consulting
October 2019 (PDF)

A Call to Action: A Canadian Roadmap for Small Modular Reactors
November 2018 (PDF)

A Call to Action: A Canadian Roadmap for Small Modular Reactors, Summary of Key Findings
November 2018 (PDF)

Public Attitudes Toward Extending the Life of the Pickering Power Plant
June 2018 (PDF)

Public Attitudes Towards Refurbishment
May 2018 (PDF)

Modelling Nuclearization of Canada’s Four “Fossil Provinces” and the CO2 Emission Implications
June 2018 (PDF)

Nuclear Science & Sustainable Development
November 2017 (PDF)

The Role of the Nuclear Industry in the World
October 2016 (PDF)

Canadian Climate Forum – Nuclear’s Contribution to Sustainable Energy
October 2016 (PDF)

Nuclear Power For Saskatchewan?
June 2015 (PDF)

CNA Summary: Lifecycle Emissions of Nuclear, Wind and Natural Gas Power Generation
October 2014 (PDF)

Assessing the Business Case for the National Research Universal Reactor: The Strategic Context
May 2014 (PDF)

Nuclear: A Canadian Strategy for Energy, Jobs and Innovation
October 2012 (PDF)

Nuclear Research and Development in Canada
April 2011 (PDF)

Canadian research

Feasibility of Small Modular Reactor Development and Deployment in Canada: Executive Summary
Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, NB Power and SaskPower
March 2021 (PDF)

Renewables-Based Distributed Energy Resources in Ontario
Strategic Policy Economics
June 2018 (PDF)

Ontario Ministry of Energy – SMR Development Feasibility Study
Hatch Ltd.
June 2016 (PDF)

Renewables and Ontario/Quebec Transmission System Interties: An Implications Assessment
Power Workers’ Union
June 2016 (PDF)

Cap and Trade Design Options
Ontario Government
November 2015 (PDF)

Lifecycle Assessment Literature Review of Nuclear, Wind and Natural Gas Power Generation
Hatch Ltd.
October 2014 (PDF)

2012 Public Opinion Research – National Nuclear Attitude Survey
Innovative Research Group, Inc.
June 2012 (PDF)

Nuclear Technology: A Canadian Strategy for Energy, Jobs and Innovations
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and Canadian Nuclear Association
November 2011 (PDF)

Canadian resources

International resources

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Since Canada became a nuclear nation in 1945, Canada’s nuclear industry has developed a reputation for innovation and safety, which also brings economic benefits to Canada.