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Statement by Canadian Nuclear Association President John Gorman on the International Energy Agency’s 2022 Energy Policy Review of Canada

January 13, 2022

Following today’s release of the 2022 Energy Policy Review of Canada by the International Energy Agency (IEA) please find below a statement from John Gorman, President and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Association.

“The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) welcomes the recommendations of the International Energy Agency in its latest energy policy review of Canada, in particular its clear and direct support for the key role of nuclear power in reducing carbon emissions in Canada and bringing energy and climate solutions to the world.”

“The review recognizes that nuclear power generation remains a significant contributor to Canada’s electricity supply being among the cleanest in the world. It recommends that the federal government assess how the existing CANDU nuclear fleet, along with new builds including small modular reactors (SMRs), can continue to play this important role as Canada works towards its net zero climate goals through 2050.”

“The Canadian nuclear industry is on track to deliver on the promise of SMRs to reduce carbon emissions, meet demand for industrial heat, and deliver power to remote communities. The CNA appreciates that the IEA highlights Canada’s global leadership on this technology. However, fully realizing this potential will require the cooperation of the federal government to ensure that policy reforms are in place to allow SMR demonstration projects to be delivered on time in the late 2020s.”

“The IEA also highlights the importance of continued international cooperation and recognizes the leadership role that the Canadian nuclear industry can play as it leverages its first-mover advantage on SMRs. We look forward to continuing our work with the federal and provincial governments as they assess and implement the recommendations of the IEA.”

updated 18:00 EST 13 January 2022

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