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Statement by Canadian Nuclear Association President John Gorman on the federal government’s Climate Plan

December 11, 2020

Following today’s announcement of the Federal Government’s Climate Plan, please find below a statement from John Gorman, President and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Association:

“Today’s Climate Plan sends an important signal that nuclear technology is an integral part of a zero-emission future. It recognizes the world leading work being done in Canada, and notes that nuclear has been part of the solution – along with hydro, wind and solar – in building a clean electricity profile. Eighty-two per cent of Canadian electricity is already derived from non-emitting sources.

The government is right in calling Canada’s zero-emission mix a global ‘competitive advantage’ and we welcome the government’s commitment to expand that foundation. The plan reiterates a commitment to launch a Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Action Plan by the end of 2020, to lay out steps to commercialize this critical technology. SMR deployment will reduce emissions, catalyze a transition of heavy industry to non-emitting energy sources, and make Canada a global leader in exporting clean technology.

We look forward to the SMR Action Plan, and look forward to working with the government on its implementation as we work to meet and exceed our net-zero goals as a country.”

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