John Gorman visits SNC-Lavalin mock-up facility

July 15, 2019

On Wednesday, July 3 CNA’s new President and CEO John Gorman had the privilege of visiting the SNC-Lavalin control room simulator and manufacturing shop in Mississauga, Ontario.

Below are some photos they took during his visit.

John in the CANDU 6 Main Control Room Simulator speaking with Navid Badie (Senior Vice-President, Engineering & Chief Nuclear Engineer), right, and Michael Courtney (Advisor, Marketing, Strategy & External Relations)

John in the CANDU 6 Main Control Room Simulator looking at the Main Heat Transport Panels

Jeffrey de Beyer explaining to John how the single-rail slide table of the Calandria mock-up functions for training and tool qualification

Elisabeth Leon (Manager, SP3 Project Delivery) and John in front of a pressure-test system for Fuel Channel Closures

John holding a part made for the iron chamber with Peter Schicht (Manager, Manufacturing)

Peter Schicht showing John the waterjet which uses water to cut various materials

John looking into the Radiation Lab (largest in Canada) with Greg Squires (Senior Project Management Specialist)

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