CNA Congratulates SNC-Lavalin on CANDU Pre-Project Contract in Argentina

November 24, 2016

OTTAWA (November 24, 2016) – The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) congratulates SNC-Lavalin on being awarded a pre-project contract for the new CANDU nuclear reactor at the Atucha site in the district of Zàrate, 100 km northeast of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The six-month contract, which was awarded by Argentina’s Nucléoelectrica Argentina SA (NA-SA), will enable SNC-Lavalin to engage with suppliers about reactor equipment, conduct preliminary design work, assess the safety case, and offer licensing support and Canadian technical expertise.

“CANDU nuclear reactors are some of the safest, best-performing reactors in the world,” said Dr. John Barrett, CNA President and CEO. “This contract clearly acknowledges the value that SNC-Lavalin, armed with CANDU technology, can offer the international nuclear market.”

CANDU reactors are unique in that they use natural, unenriched uranium as a fuel, and with some modification, can also use recycled uranium, mixed fuels, and even thorium.

Argentina already owns and operates a CANDU reactor at Embalse, 650 km northwest of Buenos Aires. The 600 MWe reactor began commercial operation in 1984, and is currently undergoing life-extending refurbishment.


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