Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver to Deliver Keynote Address at CNA2014

February 21, 2014

By Romeo St-Martin
Digital Media Officer
Canadian Nuclear Association

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver entered politics with an impressive academic and investment banking resume.

He obtained both his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Civil Law at McGill University and later graduated with an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business.

He began his investment banking career at Merrill Lynch, and served in senior positions at other investment dealers and as Executive Director of the Ontario Securities Commission. He was then appointed President and CEO of the Investment Dealers Association of Canada and played a prominent role as Chair of the Advisory Committee of the International Council of Securities Associations and as Chair of the Consultative Committee of the International Association of Securities Commissions.

He ran in a Toronto-area riding in the 2008 federal election, but lost in a close race to the Liberal incumbent, Joe Volpe. In a subsequent election in 2011, he defeated Volpe to win the seat. On May 18, 2011, Oliver was sworn in as the Minister of Natural Resources.

While Oliver is one of the most high-profile cabinet ministers in the Conservative government due in large part to his advocacy for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, he still understands the importance of Canada’s nuclear sector.

“Nuclear continues to be a key part of Canada’s energy mix and a major contributor to our status as a world leader of clean energy,” he told last year’s CNA conference.

“We all take pride in Canadians’ roles in developing nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Canadians continue to play a leading role in demonstrating the safe and effective use of nuclear energy.

“Our commitment is to ensure Canada’s tradition of excellence and leadership in nuclear science and technology will continue in support of the needs of Canada and Canadian business and in respect for the Canadian taxpayer,” he said.

The Honourable Joe Oliver will be speaking at CNA2014 this month.

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