Thanks for the Feedback – Have a Prize on Us!

May 8, 2013

By Alex Wolf
Manager, Research and Education
Canadian Nuclear Association

very year, we at the CNA put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into planning an Annual Conference and Trade Show that delivers exactly what our audience is looking for. And how do we know what they is? We ask, of course!

That’s why this year, we wanted to recognize the value we receive from delegate feedback, and we are proud to announce that two of our 2013 delegates are the lucky winners of our CNA Conference Feedback Prize Draw!

Rae Watson from Mirion Technologies Inc. is the winner of a $250 VISA gift card, and Diana Jahn from the University of Saskatchewan is the winner of a $50 Chapters gift card!

Thanks to everyone for filling out our feedback forms. We received over 200 complete feedback surveys in total – almost double our previous best. I guess that means you can all look forward to a well-informed program in 2014!

Thanks again, and see you before you know it at #CNA2014!

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