CNA2013 Spotlight: WorleyParsons

February 15, 2013

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  • Company Name: WorleyParsons Canada Services Ltd.
  • Date Founded: 1971
  • Industry category:  Engineering
  • Number of employees: 40,800
  • Does your company have operations outside of Canada? Yes

WorleyParsons has the capabilities and technologies to address all challenges – small brownfield services contracts to greenfield mega projects. From identifying the opportunity to the operating phase, our services cover the entire asset lifecycle. Our extensive experience ensures that we provide project solutions with the lowest total lifecycle cost while meeting each customer’s specific requirements. We have the track record and systems necessary to pursue and deliver large-scale and complex projects. As resource projects continue to grow in size and complexity, WorleyParsons is one of the few global companies with the resources, technical capabilities, and systems to meet these demands. In delivering engineering, procurement, and construction management services, WorleyParsons possesses the versatility and flexibility to serve as the sole supplier, member of a joint venture, a subcontractor, or to contract services locally. In order to respond more effectively to our customers’ needs, WorleyParsons also promotes and has formalized alliances, partnerships, and consortiums.

Our services also go beyond new developments, to supporting operating assets through to delivering brownfields projects, which maintains asset integrity and improves business performance. By treating asset services as a specific business stream, WorleyParsons provides systems and work processes to deliver these projects effectively.


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Company Contact Information:

Name: Sandy Santeramo / Doug Walton


Phone:  Main: 905.940.4774

Sandy (Direct): 905.944.6737

Doug (Direct): 905.944.7053






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