CNA2013 Spotlight: AREVA Canada

November 9, 2012

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  • AREVA has been in Canada for more than 45 years and has more than 500 employees and contractors in several locations across the country
  • AREVA Canada is a services and engineering provider for Canadian nuclear reactors and a major player in the manufacture of radiation measuring equipment, and is engaged in exploration, mining, manufacturing and solutions for CO2-free power generation
  • AREVA Canada is globally qualified for CANDU plants products and services supporting the Canadian nuclear fleet
  • AREVA Canada is a major contributor to Saskatchewan’s economy through exploration, mining and milling

AREVA’s McClean Lake mill in northern Saskatchewan is the only facility in the world capable of processing high-grade uranium ore without diluting it.

AREVA Begins Construction of McClean Lake Facility Expansion

AREVA has started the first phase of construction to expand its McClean Lake Mill in northern Saskatchewan. AREVA and its partners are investing $150 million to upgrade the McClean Lake mill and increase its capacity so that it can process the uranium ore from the Cigar Lake mine slated to begin production late next year.

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