Darlington Declared Industry Darling

November 7, 2012

On Tuesday, Darlington Nuclear was the recipient of the Award of Excellence by an international nuclear oversight organization.

The award recognizes a number of strengths identified in a recent peer review, including management and leadership; operator knowledge and skills; equipment performance and condition; and our response to Fukushima.

The positive recognition Darlington Nuclear has received from industry peers is confirmation of Ontario Power Generation’s unwavering dedication to continuous improvement in operational excellence and safety that has made OPG, and Canada, a world leader.  It also reinforces the station’s status as an excellent candidate for refurbishment.

Of the award and recognition, OPG says:

“As a nuclear operator we are entrusted by you to operate our nuclear facilities safely, reliably, and with the utmost care and responsibility. This award reinforces that our employees never take this responsibility for granted, and that we will continue to seek continuous improvement on our journey to excellence.”

Congratulations Darlington. This recognition makes official what we’ve always known, that Canada’s stations are safe, reliable and world-class. Thank you for your dedication and care – and for keeping the lights on in Ontario.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Darlington, please go to OPG.com.

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