CNA2012 Update: Leading Life-Saving Innovations

February 3, 2012

Did you know nuclear medicine got its start in Canada?
Harold E. Johns (University of Saskatchewan) and Roy Errington (Eldorado Mining and Refining Ltd.) led teams to build the world’s first radiation treatment machine using Cobalt-60. Errington’s design was used in 1951 for the world’s first radiation treatment.

Learn more about the contributions of nuclear medicine at the
2012 Canadian Nuclear Association Conference and Trade Show
Leadership Through Innovation






Friday, February 24
9:15 – 9:45 AM
Dr. Terry Ruddy will discuss how a joint collaboration between the Hearth Institute
and Nordion is leading to alternate isotopes for use in patient imaging and research
into therapies for heart disease. Also how the Institute, in partnership with AECL,
is learning more about the effects of low-dose radiation for nuclear workers and in
medical applications. These are just two examples of innovation currently leading
nuclear medicine to the next level.

Download the complete 2012 Conference Agenda HERE.

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