CNA2012 Spotlight: Heenan Blaikie

December 2, 2011

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  • Company Name: Heenan Blaikie LLP
  • Date Founded: 1973
  • Industry Category: Nuclear Energy
  • Number of Employees: Over 550 lawyers and professionals across Canada and in Paris and Singapore.
  • Does your organization operate outside of Canada? Yes. Paris is our European office, focusing on energy and mining law in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Singapore is the centre of our Asian Practice. We also have local relationships in Chile, Peru and India.

Heenan Blaikie at home…

For more than 20 years Heenan Blaikie’s Nuclear Power Generation team leaders have been representing and advising Canadian government, along with Canada’s nuclear utilities, investors, vendors and service providers. We have consistently been involved in many of the most critical legislative, regulatory, strategic and structuring issues faced by the industry in Canada and on projects internationally. We will continue to put our strongest emphasis on supporting the domestic nuclear industry.

…and abroad.

In addition, consistent with our strategic plan, we are working alongside leading members of Canada’s nuclear industry in their pursuit of foreign contracts. We are uniquely positioned to provide a wide array of multidisciplinary services required by governments, proponents, vendors and regulators in establishing and growing nuclear power generation programs in emerging economies. In partnership with HB Global Advisors Corporation and our strategic partners, our service offerings include strategic planning, management consulting, national program development, regulatory development and licensing (technical and legal), venture, investment and financial structuring and modeling, procurement structuring and contracting support, as well as navigating the world of multi-lateral international nuclear and economic agencies.

Who’s on the Heenan Blaikie Team?

Canadian vendors and foreign counterparts have affirmed our strategic plan and recognized the rare wealth of expertise possessed by members of the Canadian nuclear industry veterans in general, and Heenan Blaikie and its strategic partners in particular. Some prominent members of our Nuclear Power Generation team include:

  •  Ahab Abdel-Aziz, who has been a leading advisor to Canadian governments and members of Canada’s nuclear industry for two decades. He is recognized as a leading strategic and legal advisor in the field by foreign governments and international agencies.
  • The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien P.C., C.C., O.M., Q.C., Ad. E., former Prime Minister of Canada, who is an ardent supporter of Canada’s nuclear industry and was intimately involved in supporting the development of the Canadian nuclear industry as Minister of Natural Resources.
  • The Honourable Donald J. Johnston, P.C., O.C., Q.C., who as Secretary General of the OECD, oversaw the Nuclear Energy Agency. He also oversaw the development and adoption of the international rules governing export development finance; one of the principal and most important mechanisms in nuclear program finance in emerging economies.
  • Jacques Lamarre, O.C., who as CEO of SNC Lavalin led one of the most successful and prolific corporations in the field of infrastructure development, nuclear procurement and project management. He has led the structuring of domestic and international mega-projects and brings a wealth of financial and management expertise to finding solutions for our clients business needs.

Any Last words

Our team has vast experience in nuclear industry related matters. Our lawyers, consultants and strategic partners have engaged in every aspect of strategic planning, transaction and operational support for the nuclear industry in matters in Canada and abroad. We have been involved in everything from legislative development, to new venture structuring and finance, as well as regulatory and licensing support.

We have advised on multi-billion dollar sales and procurements of new build nuclear power projects and have acted as counsel in nuclear project related disputes also valued in the billions of dollars.

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