UPDATE: Canada Wins at the 2011 International Nuclear Energy Olympiad

September 26, 2011

They won! Congratulations Alex and James!

The International Nuclear Olympiad, being was held for the first time in 2011 in South Korea, is a contest for university students around the world to research and develop a plan for gaining public acceptance of nuclear energy in their country.

We at TalkNUclear are very excited to have that Canada was represented by Team Steeltown – the member of which were are two of our former summer students, Alex Wolf and James Harrington. Alex and James submitted a paper outlining their research and plan which they will presented in Korea at the Olympiad.

Read the TalkNUclear post about Alex and James’ reaction to being selected

CNA Summer Students Alex Wolf and James Harrington – Representing Canada at the 2011 International Nuclear Energy Olympiad

The Olympiad will be  was held on 26-30 September 2011 in Seoul in South Korea and is was organized by the World Nuclear University and hosted by Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency (KONEPA).

Among 70 applicants, 10 teams from 10 countries are were selected and the list is as below:

  • Canada (Team Steeltown)
  • India (Team Anushakti)
  • Japan (nuclear.jp)
  • Korea (Green Narae)
  • Malaysia (Serikandi)
  • Mongolia (Monnuc)
  • Romania (D2O)
  • Russia (MEPhI)
  • Turkey (NEAT)
  • USA (Lorentz Lions)

We’re looking forward to hearing from Alex and James about the experience when they return. What a fantastic opportunity to gain insights and learn about the experience of other counties — and share what potentially may become best practices for communicating the many benefits of nuclear energy.

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