CNA2012 Sponsor: Hatch-Sargent & Lundy

September 23, 2011

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  • Company Name: HatchSargent & Lundy Joint Venture
  • Date Founded: 1999
  • Industry category: Engineering
  • Does your company have operations outside of Canada? Both Hatch and Sargent & Lundy are global engineering services companies

Hatch-Sargent & Lundy (HSL) Nuclear is a joint venture between Hatch Ltd. and Sargent & Lundy Canada company, an affiliate of Sargent &Lundy LLC. HSL was established to execute nuclear power projects in Canada. HSL draws upon the extensive engineering capabilities of its partners to provide comprehensive and in-depth consulting and engineering services to the Canadian power industry.

Did you know:
Hatch is recognized as one of Canada’s Best Employers by Hewitt Associates!

On Deck for HSL:
Nuclear refurbishments

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