Five Realities of Nuclear Energy

August 31, 2011

Recently an article appeared by former state rep., Jerry Paul, who served as principal deputy administrator of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, and worked as a control room reactor engineer.  Understandably people have questions about nuclear. To this Jerry says,

For each of these questions, there are rational answers based on the laws of physics, thousands of peer-reviewed scientific and academic studies, and decades of successful operating experience.

What often gets lost in the debate surrounding nuclear energy are these five realities:

  1. Eliminating nuclear energy is not realistic if we want to maintain our quality of life.
  2. Day-to-day activities present a greater health threat than a local nuclear plant.
  3. Nuclear power plants are constantly upgraded.
  4. The amount of spent fuel is small and can be managed safely. (In many cases, the issue of storing used fuel is discussed without proper context.)
  5. Nuclear plants have more government oversight than any other industry.

For elaboration on these five points, read the entire article by Jerry Paul.

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