Ontario Power Generation’s Latest Performance Report

August 19, 2011

Here’s a message from Ontario Power Generation CEO, Tom Mitchell about their latest Performance Report.


OPG CEO Tom Mitchell

Fellow Ontarian,

I am pleased to share with you Ontario Power Generation’s latest Performance Report.  This report showcases OPG’s business development and performance highlights throughout the first quarter of the year and includes the following features:

  •  Nuclear Safety and Operations, which outlines OPG’s post-Fukushima efforts to confirm and further strengthen the safety of our nuclear plants.
  • Hydroelectric Development Projects across Ontario that will deliver clean, low-cost electricity including the recently completed excavation of the Niagara Tunnel.
  • Environmental Initiatives like the installation of fish protection nets at Pickering Nuclear and the potential for converting OPG’s coal plants to biomass.
  • Community Partnerships featuring the terrific work of OPG volunteers.
  • Financial and Operational Results, which continue to demonstrate solid, reliable performance.

I trust you will find this report to be an interesting and informative read, reflecting OPG’s commitment to delivering safe, cost-effective electricity to Ontarians.

Tom Mitchell
President and CEO
Ontario Power Generation

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