How is your Energy Systems Literacy?

June 28, 2011

Last week we blogged about the need for a conversation about energy and a pan-Canadian energy strategy.
June 28-29th in Calgary, Pollution Probe is holding an Energy Systems Literary  in Canada workshop as part of its ongoing series about engaging Canadians in dialogue about energy. According to the workshop’s overview,

Pollution Probe’s workshop series on Energy Systems Literacy in Canada is a national initiative designed to promote a new approach to engaging Canadians in a dialogue about energy – a dialogue that is firmly rooted in a “whole-systems” perspective that recognizes the interconnections between the energy sources we draw on to deliver the energy services we demand.

The regional workshops are taking place from February to September 2011 and are for energy stakeholders to convene and take a forward-looking approach to energy systems in Canada. They are intended to build the foundation of a longer-term program to build energy systems literacy in Canada, supportive of national energy priorities.

Pollution Probe produces the Primer on Energy Systems in Canada which is meant to “identify the opportunities for improving the way that we produce, distribute and use energy.” It is important to understand the energy mix.

The CNA is a proud sponsor of the Pollution Probe workshop series. We understand the energy mix. Because nuclear power plants operate all the time, they play an important role in Canada’s energy portfolio — and with electricity demand projected to increase by 34% by 2025 (due to population growth and new technology developments), meeting this demand will required increased capacity to produce reliable electricity.

Nuclear provides reliable, clean, non-emitting base load power that is a great start for other renewables like wind and solar. Nuclear is also a better alternative to burning fossil fuels which contribute to climate change.

What energy generating technologies do you think should be part of Canada’s energy mix?

June 28h-29th, 2011

Pollution Probe  is

  • A Canadian charitable environmental organization that
    • Defines environmental problems through research;
    • Promotes understanding through education; and,
    • Presses for practical solutions through advocacy.
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