PHAI Update Re: Different Take on PVP Program

June 22, 2011

There’s been the need to clear the air over a recent article in the Toronto Star about the Port Hope Area Initiative (PHAI) — a federal government program to remove the historic low-level radioactive waste from Port Hope. We blogged about it last week and on Saturday June 18, a letter from the Port Hope Area Initiative’s Mark Giles appeared in the Toronto Star.

Different take on PVP program
Published On Sat Jun 18 2011

Re: Tough Sell, June 11

The Property Value Protection (PVP) program has a specific set of criteria for homeowners and should not be confused with other programs designed to deal with the presence of low-level radioactive waste in Port Hope.

The PVP program is not designed to provide compensation for the presence of historic low-level radioactive waste on a property…

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This video on the PHAI website gives a brief overview of the PVP Program.

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