Canadian Nuclear Association Bringing Board Meeting to Port Hope

June 14, 2011

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) will hold its quarterly Board meeting in Port Hope, Ontario this Fall to show support for the pivotal role the municipality plays in Canada’s nuclear industry.

“Port Hope is home to the longest-running nuclear processing facility in Canada. We want to showcase the innovative role our industry has played to build on this proud legacy of achievement, and our continued efforts to create a prosperous future for the people in the community,” said Ms. Denise Carpenter, CNA President and CEO.

“We are very pleased the CNA has chosen Port Hope as the location for their Fall meeting. The Municipality is proud to be a member of the nuclear industry community and pleased to welcome the CNA Board members. We look forward to the opportunity to showcase Port Hope as a great place to live, work and play,” said Port Hope Mayor Linda Thompson. While the agenda and details of the meeting are not yet confirmed, a familiarization tour of Port Hope will be planned for Board members that will focus on the licensed nuclear facilities, as well as the areas designated for clean up as part of the Port Hope Area Initiative.

The CNA represents 95 companies who work in the Canadian nuclear industry. Our opportunity is to build a better world by applying nuclear science to a broad range of uses. We are more than 70,000 Canadians, supporting nuclear medicine, exploring and mining uranium, generating power, and advancing Canada’s nuclear advantage worldwide. Please visit us online and follow us on our Blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages to participate in our “TalkNuclear” conversation.

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