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Release of the Canadian Decommissioning Capabilities and Experience Directory Showcases World-class Nuclear Industry Capabilities

January 11, 2021

Pickering and Ottawa, Ontario – The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) and the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)have released the first comprehensive Canadian Decommissioning Capabilities and Experience Directory.

The Directory outlines three decommissioning-related areas where the Canadian nuclear industry has world-class capabilities including: design and fabrication of waste storage and transport containers, environmental site remediation, as well as robotics and waste handling. The Directory describes several Canadian decommissioning product and service lines that have been successfully exported and the evolution of Canada’s decommissioning and waste management ecosystem.

The Directory also highlights the decommissioning capabilities and experience of 34 OCNI and CNA member companies – including several international companies with plans to localize their capabilities to serve the growing Canadian demand for decommissioning and waste management services.

“This Directory will enable Canadian suppliers to present a comprehensive ‘Team Canada’ decommissioning package to offshore markets and will simultaneously enable the supply chain to assemble the domestic resources to undertake multi-scope decommissioning projects in Canada to strengthen competitiveness in offshore markets,”said Ron Oberth, President and CEO, OCNI.

“Some unique decommissioning capabilities developed by Canadian suppliers have evolved from the experience in refurbishing domestic and offshore CANDU units including removal, storage and transportation of radioactive core components,”said John Stewart, Director of Policy and Research, CNA.

The Directory was prepared for OCNI and the CNA by Neil Alexander, Bucephalus Consulting, and Marc Brouillette , Strategic Policy Economics, with international advice from Frazer Nash Consulting. 

Funding for this directory was provided by Global Affairs Canada under the Canadian Export Association’s CxA Program.

Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is an association of more than 230 Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry that employ more than 15,000 highly skilled and specialized engineers, technologists, and trades people. OCNI companies design reactors, manufacture major equipment and components, and provide engineering services and support to CANDU and Light Water Reactor (LWR) plants in both domestic and offshore markets.

About the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)

Every year in Canada, nuclear technology helps avoid 80 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by displacing fossil fuels and supplies 70 per cent of the global supply of cobalt-60, radioisotopes that are used to treat cancer and sterilize medical equipment, among other things. It generates more than $6 billion in revenue and creates more than 76,000 direct and indirect, well-paying jobs. Canada stands to solidify its leading position in the world’s nuclear industry with the introduction of next-generation technologies in the form of small nuclear reactors.

The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) has been the national voice of the Canadian nuclear industry since 1960. Working with our members and all communities of interest, the CNA promotes the industry nationally and internationally, works with governments on policies affecting the sector and endeavours to increase awareness and understanding of the value nuclear technology brings to the environment, economy and daily lives of Canadians.

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