May 9, 2018

OTTAWA (May 9, 2018) – The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) is pleased to announce it is joining the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council (CNIC).

The CNIC is an independent organization consisting of representatives from the Canadian health sector, nuclear industry and research bodies advocating for Canada’s role in the production of the world’s radioisotope supply.

“Canada has been a pioneer in the development of radioisotopes, saving millions of lives around the globe for over six decades in more than 80 countries. Since the 1940s we have demonstrated world-class nuclear expertise and achievements, leading to significant advancements in medical imaging, cancer therapy, sterilization, food irradiation, energy production, and diagnostic development,” said CNA President and CEO John Barrett. “Canada’s focus on an innovative future provides an opportunity to further develop one of Canada’s greatest technological achievements.”

“The CNIC will be the voice to protect Canada’s leadership in radioisotope production by ensuring our public policies are risk-informed, science-based, and support innovation and investment in this growing field,” added Barrett.

Nuclear medicine uses radioisotopes to provide diagnostic information about the functioning of a person’s specific organs and treat them. Radioisotopes are used to treat medical conditions, especially cancer, using radiation to weaken or destroy particular targeted cells. Cobalt-60, a radioisotope harvested by Ontario’s nuclear reactors, accounts for 10 million cancer therapy treatments each year and Cobalt-60 technology is currently used to treat about 70% of the world’s cancer cases treated by radiation.

Over 40 million nuclear medicine procedures are performed each year, and demand for radioisotopes is increasing at up to 5% annually. Canada has made impressive contributions to world health care, and Canada’s nuclear sector will continue to develop innovations and explore the vastly refined techniques of medical science.

Other CNIC members include CNA members such as Bruce Power, Ontario Power Generation, Cameco, SNC-Lavalin and BWXT.

About the CNA:

Since 1960, the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) has been the national voice of the Canadian nuclear industry. Working alongside our members and all communities of interest, the CNA promotes the industry nationally and internationally, works with governments on policies affecting the sector and works to increase awareness and understanding of the value nuclear technology brings to the environment, economy and the daily life of Canadians.

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