Member Profile: WiN-Canada

March 1, 2016

Approximately three hours from Toronto, on the eastern shore of Lake Huron, you’ll find the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station and WiN-Canada’s President, Heather Kleb.

win_canada_logoWiN-Canada has been well established for over a decade.

WiN-Canada, part of the larger Win-Global organization, was founded in 2004 by a small group of women from across the industry, led by Susan Brissette, also from Bruce Power, who became WiN-Canada’s founding President and WiN-Global board member. WiN-Canada has since grown to over 1500 members at six chapters across Canada, four in Ontario, one in Saskatchewan and one in New Brunswick.

WiN’s main objectives are to promote public awareness of nuclear technologies and to exchange knowledge and experience amongst our members. This includes mentoring, networking and professional development. We also work to promote an interest in nuclear technologies among women and young people, in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as the STEM subjects.

What are some of the ways you approach science education and mentoring?

We hold an annual conference for our members every fall. In addition, we host a number of science-based events for women and young people. The Bruce Chapter sponsors STEM camps that young people can participate in during their school breaks. They spend the week immersed in science as they work through science-based activities and crafts. Young women have the opportunity to meet women working in the Skilled Trades at our Bruce and New Brunswick Chapter sponsored networking dinners. We also offer a host of informative events when we team up with Women in Mining Canada to form our Saskatchewan Chapter, WiM/WiN!

What about WiN’s advocacy efforts?

Yes, we anticipate a demand for these efforts. Women, and young women and mothers in particular, have the greatest numbers of concerns when it comes to nuclear technology and radiation issues. We believe that it is important for women in the industry to engage with women from outside of the industry to have conversations about these concerns. Our conversation is a broad one, as we aren’t just focused on energy but on the industry as a whole — nuclear medicine, mining, research. It’s quite extensive.

Is membership restricted to women only?

No, we are an all-inclusive organization; anyone can be a member, as long as they support WiN’s goals.

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