Ontario Energy Plan a Good Step Forward, Nuclear Industry Says

December 2, 2013

OTTAWA (December 2, 2013) – Ontario’s commitment to renew both the Darlington and Bruce Power nuclear facilities will create high-quality jobs, maintain Ontario’s clean air, and secure Ontario’s electrical future, according to the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA).

“Today’s energy plan update means Ontario has chosen to invest in another 25 to 30 years of safe, affordable and reliable electrical power, while offsetting enormous volumes of greenhouse gases,” said CNA president Dr. John Barrett.

“The nuclear industry intends to pull together to complete the renewal program successfully,” added Dr. Barrett. “The industry recognizes that we are expected to meet the Province’s budget and timetable, and our members are prepared to do exactly that.”

Ontario’s nuclear reactors have provided more than half of Ontario’s electricity over the last five years, powering one out of every two homes, businesses, schools and hospitals.

While providing electricity reliably and affordably, low-carbon nuclear energy has offset tonnes of greenhouse gases and air pollutants from fossil fuels, providing Ontario with cleaner air.

Investing in reactor renewal is also good for jobs and the economy. Based on a 2012 study by Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, renewing ten reactors should produce significant economic benefits, including:

  • Ten refurbishments will create and sustain over 25,000 jobs in Ontario.
  • A payroll of some $12.7 billion, with 80 per cent of the wages expected to benefit Canadian workers.
  • Purchases of equipment, materials and supplies worth $12.3 billion, with 90 percent of the investment expected to occur in Canada.

“We look forward to delivering these refurbishments and their benefits,” said Dr. Barrett. “These projects mean good jobs and good pay cheques. And all of Ontario will benefit from a reliable power source that runs day and night.”

Dr. Barrett added: “We are confident that Ontario will invest in new reactors when they’re needed. But in the near term our focus is on the refurbishment program.”

“Nuclear reactors have made immeasurably large contributions to Ontario’s energy security and the health of Ontarians through nuclear’s carbon-free power generation, and will continue to do so,” added Dr. Barrett.


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