Reaction by the Canadian Nuclear Association to the Minister’s Announcement on the Future of AECL Nuclear Laboratories

February 28, 2013

OTTAWA (February 28, 2013) – Canada’s nuclear industry is pleased with the Government of Canada’s announcement of the next step in the road for one of this country’s prime science and technology assets.

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver made the announcement this morning at the Canadian Nuclear Association’s annual conference and trade show in Ottawa.

“The Government recognizes the great value of AECL nuclear laboratories in its three key missions: supporting Canadian industry with science and technology, being a seat of national expertise in nuclear, and decommissioning,” said the CNA’s Acting President and CEO, Heather Kleb. “We’re pleased that he chose our premier annual event to move the restructuring process forward. Our industry will continue to work with the Government to sustain our national science and technology infrastructure, in the public interest.”

“We especially welcome the Minister’s invitation to stakeholders to contribute their input to the restructuring process. Science and technology infrastructure is everybody’s business. It’s connected to cleaner energy, competitiveness, and our quality of life,” Ms. Kleb added.

The CNA represents approximately 100 organizations that bring the benefits of nuclear technology to Canadians through fields such as affordable low-­‐carbon power, medical imaging, medical diagnosis and therapy, food safety, materials science, and mining. Nuclear employs over 30,000 Canadians directly and a similar number in indirect jobs, many of them of long duration and high in skills and pay.

“Nuclear technology has growing applications in low-­‐carbon energy, manufacturing, health care and other areas.,” Ms. Kleb added. “It’s evolving. We see today’s announcement as being part of that evolution.”

“AECL nuclear laboratories is an important component of Canada’s nuclear industry and it’s also part of Canada’s manufacturing and innovative capacity. We are encouraged by these steps to further strengthen the industry and Canadian science and technology.”


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