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Doddy Kastanya

December 11, 2023

Doddy Kastanya is a nuclear engineer with expertise in the areas of computational reactor physics, safety analyses, regional/neutron overpower protection (ROP/NOP) for CANDU design, and mathematical optimization for nuclear engineering applications. Doddy has served as a technical lead for many reactor-physics projects such as the ROP design activities for the ACR-1000 and the Enhanced CANDU 6 designs, the handswitch position re-classification for TQNPC in China, the physics design verification activities for the ACR-1000 design, the pressure tube axial elongation mitigation studies for Pickering stations, and reactor-physics analyses of medical isotope productions in CANDU reactors such as the Molybdenum-99 project for OPG, the Lutetium-177 and Cobalt-60 projects for Bruce Power, and the cobalt adjuster conversion project for SNN in Romania. Doddy served as a member of technical program committee for many international nuclear engineering conferences such as the Mathematics and Computational Method Applied to Nuclear Science and Engineering (M&C), PHYSOR, Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference, and Advanced Nuclear Fuel Management. Doddy has served as a member of the editorial boards for Progress in Nuclear Energy, Annals of Nuclear Energy, and Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations. Doddy is also a licensed professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada. Doddy is currently serving as the President of the Canadian Nuclear Society.

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