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Clean Core Thorium Energy

December 4, 2023

Clean Core entered the nuclear sector to provide clean, safe, and abundant power where and when it’s needed the most. This means offering a ready solution for our world’s growing power demand today – not decades away.

Since our inception in 2017, our mission has been clear: provide a direct path to development and dignity for emerging nations. A Chicago-based company, Clean Core was founded in 2017 by combining visionary entrepreneurship and best-in-class nuclear engineering. Investing nearly a decade exploring thorium driven power, our founders envisioned a revolutionary solution to nuclear’s safety, waste, and proliferation concerns. Only by solving for these can nuclear’s virtually limitless source of power permanently ignite today’s emerging nations

We are a fuel innovation company. Reimagining and reengineering today’s nuclear fuel using thorium, we are turning existing reactors into systems of the future by maximizing safety, minimizing cost, shrinking waste, and eliminating nuclear proliferation.  Join us on our path to providing energy independence for emerging nations.

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