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This isn’t your father’s or grandmother’s nuclear. It’s new nuclear!

Nuclear technology and nuclear materials benefit humanity in many ways, often largely unnoticed. People often associated the technology with reactors that pump out great quantities of clean energy to electrify their homes, businesses, towns and cities.

But nuclear is much more than that. It produces medical isotopes for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It sterilizes medical equipment and ensures that many of our day-to-day food products are safe to eat. It offers deep looks into manufactured items for signs of weakness or potential malfunction – such as testing the rotor blades on jet engines. It is a source of quality assurance. It is a source too of life assurance, because only nuclear reactors are capable of producing Cobalt-60, to penetrate to places of the body which cannot be surgically cut open.

The list goes on. Scads of concentrated clean energy for heating, for industrial processes, for electric vehicles, for the low-carbon economy of the future. Nuclear technology is the St. George that slays (as it has in Ontario) the asthma-producing coal dragon – replacing smog and choking particulates with clean air. By displacing the use of polluting fossil fuels, nuclear has saved countless lives, reducing GHG emissions, helping countries meet their Paris Agreement climate change targets. It can desalinate seawater, eradicate crop-destroying pests and improve agriculture to combat world hunger.

Canada is home to new nuclear. The innovation happening in design, refurbishment of our CANDU fleet, robotics, artificial intelligence, hydrogen as a clean power source, small modular reactors (SMRs), possibilities of supplying unlimited clean power to small and remote communities that dot so much of Canada from coast-to-coast-to-coast – all this tells us that new nuclear is not a dream. It’s not around the corner. It’s here. Now.

CNA2019 is about new nuclear. Come and find out more. Find out how it generates solutions for the big challenges of today and tomorrow. Find out why the young generation is becoming passionate about new nuclear. Because the possibilities of tomorrow can be discovered in it today. Let’s get together and talk about it!

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