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Minister Wilkinson and Secretary Granholm interviewed by CSIS 

May 12, 2022

On 12 May 2022, the Center of Strategic and International Studies held an online interview with Jennifer Granholm, U.S. Secretary of Energy, and Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, to discuss U.S – Canada energy cooperation. 

The conversation focused on U.S. – Canada energy cooperation including actions to address the current global energy crisis, joint efforts to enhance North American energy security, and the countries’ shared goal to achieve power grid decarbonization by 2035. 

The Secretary of Energy and the Minister outlined several common clean energy efforts and shared objectives that included linking climate change objectives with energy security needs. Both leaders agreed that renewable energy and a transition towards full electrification at some point in the future was the common goal that would not only address climate challenges but also provide energy security. 

The two leaders also discussed common efforts in developing emerging hydrogen energy possibilities. Secretary Granholm talked about efforts to create new hydrogen hubs in the United States and noted that nuclear could play a role in a clean hydrogen economy. 

Minister Wilkinson also reiterated the importance of developing hydrogen as a clean fuel source. He indicated that natural gas and new LNG initiatives could provide short term support for energy needs in Europe but also enable a clean energy transition, as natural gas could be used to produce hydrogen. Minister Wilkinson stressed that any efforts for Canada to develop LNG capabilities on the east coast, as a means of serving European markets, will need to be powered by clean energy sources. 

Critical minerals were identified as a critical area for Canada – U.S. cooperation and coordination. The Canada–U.S. auto pact was identified as a useful model to ensure the maximum benefit to each country while ensuring a fair and equitable energy transitions. Minister Wilkinson spoke about the important role that Indigenous communities will need to play to enable the opportunities regarding critical minerals on their traditional lands. 

The Canadian Nuclear Association will continue to work with the Canadian Government and key partners such as the Nuclear Energy Institute in the U.S. to promote the contribution of the nuclear industry in meeting common goals as part of the Canada- U.S. relationship.  

Please feel free to contact George Christidis VP Government Relations and International Affairs or Camil Ghajary, Government Relations Specialist if you have any questions.  

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