Support for Nuclear

Clean energy. Improved air quality.
Life-saving medical innovations.

These are just a few of the many reasons why people support nuclear technology and its ongoing development. And support is growing rapidly as individuals, communities and organizations increasingly recognize the benefits of nuclear and the importance of investing in its future.

Why I Support Nuclear

Endorsements from health-care workers, academics, politicians, engineers and the general public show just how broad support is for nuclear in Canada and around the world.

Meet a few of these supporters and learn why they support nuclear – in their own words.

"Nuclear power is Canada's greatest asset in the fight against climate change."

Heather Kleb Past President, Women in Nuclear Canada

"Nuclear energy has saved about 2 million lives by displacing coal plants and the deadly air pollution they produce."

Eric G Meyer Founder & Director, Generation Atomic

"Nuclear medicine is one of the most promising technologies for diagnosing and treating cancer."

Alex Wolf Medical Health Physicist, The Ottawa Hospital

"Ontario is in the process of refurbishing 10 of its 18 nuclear power reactors - currently the largest clean energy project in North America."

Tracy Primeau Shift Manager, Bruce Power

"The climate change crisis is the biggest crisis we’re facing today. Nuclear energy will play a critical role in a clean energy future for all Canadians."

Lisa McBride President, Women in Nuclear Canada

"Nuclear power is needed now more than ever to produce clean power reliably."

Matthew Mairinger Canadian Operating Officer, North American Young Generation in Nuclear

"Nuclear power enables electricity systems to achieve deep emission reductions at an affordable cost."

Paul Acchione Past President, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

"I advocate for nuclear energy because I care about clean air and a stable climate for my children."

Kristin Zaitz Co-Founder and CEO, Mothers for Nuclear

"Nuclear as a dense source of energy has a low impact on land use requirements and low carbon emissions accounting for its use over the full life."

Dr. Jatin Nathwani Founding Executive Director, Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE)

"Net zero needs nuclear: a reliable supply of clean electricity, meaningful and inclusive employment opportunities, long-term economic stability, and pride in the difference our region is making—that’s the impact of nuclear in Bruce, Grey and Huron.”

Chad Richards Nuclear Innovation Institute

"With the highest capacity factor, nuclear power is one of the most efficient forms of clean energy, and it’s our best chance at reaching NetZero 2050."

Sarah Davis Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN)

“The production of nuclear energy is available, scalable and deployable! This is our future, and we are not prepared to stand by and do nothing. Together is better – we need all technologies to collaborate together to achieve a net zero world.”

Sophie Zienkiewicz Young Generation Network Volunteer, COP26 Delivery Team

“Acknowledging nuclear as a clean energy source and giving it a fair space in the net zero strategy will help the world decarbonise faster while achieving reliable and efficient electricity. Especially in Africa where energy security is an urgent need.”

Princess Mthombeni Africa4Nuclear Founder and Nuclear Communication Specialist

“Nuclear is the clean energy source that offers the flexibility and diversity of application to support the deep, cross-sector decarbonisation that Net Zero requires.”

Neil Calder Senior Consultant, Hydrock Consultants

"The science tells us we need all clean energies, including nuclear, working together to meet net zero. We just can’t do it without nuclear. Net Zero Needs Nuclear."

Saralyn Thomas UK Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network Chair 2022

"Climate change is an imminent threat to both humanity and all life on earth. Deploying new nuclear technologies will help us realistically reach our global carbon reduction goals. We need new nuclear now more than ever."

Osama Baig Innovation Lead, Centre for Nuclear Sustainability, OPG

"Medical isotopes save lives - including my Mom's! I'm so proud to be a part of McMaster's nuclear reactor team where we produce medical isotopes that treat more than 70,000 cancer patients every year."

Dr. Karin Stephenson Manager of Commercial Operations, McMaster University's Nuclear Operations and Facilities

“The coal phase out in Ontario, which was powered by nuclear energy, has been called the greatest greenhouse gas reduction measure in North America. As a physician I have witnessed the positive clean air health impacts on my patients.”

Dr. Chris Keefer Staff Emergency Physician, St Joseph's Health Centre

Team Canada and the SMR Action Plan

In fall 2020, Natural Resources Canada launched the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Action Plan, bringing together over 100 key enablers from across Canada, including the federal government, provinces and territories, Indigenous Peoples and communities, power utilities, industry, innovators, laboratories, academia, and civil society.

Dubbed “Team Canada,” these key enablers outlined concrete actions they are taking to help realize the SMR potential for Canada at home and as a world leader.

Participating organizations:

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