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Canadian Nuclear Association Applauds CNSC Approval for Chalk River Labs’ Near-Surface Disposal Facility 

January 10, 2024

In a significant milestone, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) has greenlit the construction of the Near-Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) at Chalk River Laboratories. The CNSC’s approval, founded on the conclusion that the NSDF Project poses no significant adverse environmental effects, underscores the commitment to responsible waste management. 

The NSDF, conceived by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), is a secure, long-term storage solution for low-level radioactive waste near Chalk River Laboratories. Under regulatory scrutiny since 2017, this vital project is engineered to endure for over 500 years, safeguarding waste accumulated over seven decades of research. Positioned strategically one kilometre from the Ottawa River, the NSDF will handle waste from over 100 buildings, marking a significant stride in responsible waste management practices. 

Crucial to this achievement is the active involvement of the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA). This commitment was prominently showcased during a pivotal role in a CNSC hearing in 2022, focusing on the crucial “Long Term Safety Case.” 

John Gorman, the President and CEO of CNA, spoke at the hearing highlighting the industry’s exemplary safety record. Gorman underscored the industry’s approach to managing nuclear waste, emphasizing safety practices. His intervention not only reassured the public regarding safety concerns but also positioned the NSDF as an indispensable environmental asset. 

By consistently advocating for responsible practices, prioritizing safety, and actively engaging in key industry discussions, CNA contributes significantly to shaping a nuclear industry that is not only sustainable but also transparent and adaptable to evolving challenges. 

The CNSC’s is a collective achievement, emphasizing the collaborative efforts of industry, government, and Indigenous Nations and communities and reinforcing our commitment to responsible and secure nuclear waste management. 

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