CNA Reaches 5,000 Twitter Followers!

December 20, 2016

twitter_5000_followerThe CNA is happy to report that on December 20 we reached our target of 5,000 Twitter followers before the end of the year.

Having just reached 5,000, we would like to thank our followers and all those who retweet our tweets, spreading the good word about nuclear energy.

Part of the reason for a recent rise in new followers is our commitment to tweet what the people want.

By using social media tools, we have identified the themes that are popular with our followers and the best time of day to reach them.

At the moment, stories about nuclear power’s contribution to reducing GHGs, innovations in nuclear and anything that compares nuclear’s benefits with other technologies are very popular with our followers and are shared the most.

The CNA will continue to use Twitter to leverage more of its original infographics, brand journalism content and blogs on these themes and others.

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