CNA2012 Spotlight: SECOR Consulting

December 9, 2011

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  • Company Name: SECOR Consulting
  • Date Founded: 1975
  • Industry Category: Business Strategy Consulting
  • Number of Employees: 180
  • Does your organization operate outside of Canada? Yes. Offices in Paris, New York, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver providing business strategy, excellence in execution, and transformation advisory services to leading organizations worldwide in the Resources, Energy, Finance, Health and Aerospace sectors.

Canada’s largest independent international strategic management consulting firm, SECOR‘s commitment to client success with our direct, pragmatic and innovative approach, delivers real results and enduring value for clients in multi-stakeholder public, private and public-private arenas. SECOR works with energy, nuclear, and engineering companies, government ministries, and industry associations globally.

How was your 2011?
SECOR is a thought leader on Innovation with a soon to be published book titled “Innovation Re-invented: Six Games that Drive Growth.” SECOR developed and delivered a program on Innovation in October, 2011, conducted in Toronto and Montreal involving top decision makers in the Canadian health field. SECOR has worked with the nuclear sector on innovation in nuclear medicine, research, and product development.

And looking forward to 2012?
SECOR will continue to work with Canada’s energy sector on the innovation and success of our nationwide assets in both the public and private sectors.

What else?
SECOR is pleased to be a partner with Canada’s nuclear industry at the CNA’s 2012 Conference and Trade Show and looks forward to chairing the Conference’s panel on “Nuclear Innovation: Bright Ideas to Keep the Lights On.”

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