Peterborough’s Nuclear Cluster

December 8, 2011

On November 23,  members of a potential “nuclear cluster” gathered to discuss business opportunities in the Peterborough area’s energy sector. Our President and CEO, Denise Carpenter, was joined on the panel by two CNA members, the Organization of CANDU Industries and GE Hitachi, and others.

The Canadian nuclear industry is a $6.6 billion per year industry employing over 70,000 Canadians directly or indirectly in exploring and mining uranium, generating electricity, advancing nuclear medicine, and promoting Canada’s worldwide leadership in science and technology innovation. Nuclear brings great opportunities to Canadian communities. We at TalkNUclear welcome the Peterborough “nuclear cluster” and the growth such a partnership will bring to the region.

News Release

Peterboroughs Energy Sector is Preparing for Growth Opportunities

[PETERBOROUGH] The Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation (GPA EDC) has identified Energy as a significant and growing business cluster in the area. With the arrival Lilly Lake Solar plant, current and future opportunities with hydro electricity production on the Trent-Severn waterway system, and emerging green energy technologies, the area is well-positioned to take advantage of growth in the energy sector. Interestingly, a recent study identified 25 local companies that are involved or interested in being involved in the nuclear supply chain.

The GPA EDC brought members of the local nuclear supply chain together today to enhance the cluster of businesses that will work together to grow opportunities for businesses development. The energy industry is expanding globally and new opportunities are arising that will open up our local supply chain to future growth. This work is expected to create investment and new jobs in the Greater Peterborough Area.

“A significant number of businesses in our area are already creating products that contribute to the nuclear supply chain,” stated Dan Taylor, GPA EDC President & CEO. “We’re bringing these businesses together with government support services to look at how industry changes and opportunities will create wealth and jobs for the local companies.”

The mission of the GPA EDC is to assist the City and County of Peterborough with the development of an environment that facilitates the creation of wealth and expanded employment in a manner that increases our citizens’ standard of living and improves quality of life.


For additional information please contact Kate Young, Communications Officer,

705-743-0777 Ext. 2134 or, @youngk8e, @PtboEcDev



The Research Project:
The 2010 Industrial Transition and Investment Project (ITI Project), funded in conjunction with the National Research Council’s (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), found that in the GPA there are approximately 25 local companies active or interested in being active in the nuclear industry. This major supply chain research project, conducted by the GPA EDC, focused on clean water technology, wind, and solar energy, in addition to nuclear energy in the Peterborough region.

The Nuclear Energy Industry has been defined as all activities that make up the nuclear fuel cycle: uranium mining, conversion and enrichment, power generation, the management of nuclear fuel-waste, and nuclear research and development (dealing with energy production or other uses, including medical).

Business Development Potential:
New business collaborations between existing GPA firms could lead to new business development opportunities. These collaborations are most likely to occur where GPA firms are already active in a particular element of the supply chain or are interested in becoming active in the element. The strongest levels of activity for GPA companies are within the Power Generation segment – providing products and services to nuclear power plants and their major suppliers. The opportunity for collaboration is most likely to occur in the following elements of the supply chain:

  1. Machining, Fabrication and Mechanical Equipment and Components.
  2. Calibration, Measuring and Testing Equipment, Electrical Equipment & Components and Equipment Qualification & Testing.
  3. Contracting, Project management, Engineering Services and Industrial Maintenance.
  4. Nuclear Fuel-Waste Management.

For more information about Peterborough’s expanding energy sector or to view the businesses currently active in the supply chain, please visit:

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