CNA2012 Spotlight: RCM Technologies

September 16, 2011

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  • Company Name: RCM Technologies Canada Corp.
  • Date Founded: RCM Technologies Canada Corp. was incorporated in 1999, when RCM Technologies Inc. acquired two Canadian companies, Mu Sigma Engineering Consultants and Can Nuke Technologies, and one US corporation, Fulcrum Group Inc. Our company and its predecessors have been serving Canadian nuclear utilities and suppliers, on a continuous basis, since the early 1980’s.
  • Industry category: Engineering Consultants
  • Number of employees: 150
  • Does your company have operations outside of Canada? Yes, also in the United States of America

RCM Technologies Canada Corp. is a dynamic, high technology Engineering Consulting company providing specialized design, analysis and implementation services to the Nuclear industry. RCM Technologies Canada Corp. is recognized for its accomplishments with large Engineering-Procurement-Construction, as well as smaller but equally detailed partial to full service projects.

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Did you know:
RCM Technologies received the 2009 OCI Project of the Year award from the Organization of CANDU Industries. “For the team within the OCI member company whose actions most clearly upheld the values of the OCI and contributed to the ongoing health of the Canadian Nuclear Industry.”

OCI President’s Award 2009 was awarded to RCM Technologies, with Joint Venture partner E.S. Fox Ltd., for the work performed on the Bruce Unit 1-2 Restart project.

On Deck at RCM:
Return to service of Bruce Units 1 and 2; Continued excellence in business services

Last Words:
RCM Technologies Canada Corp. understands that the majority of clients choose to do business with a limited number of companies whom they determine to be well qualified on the basis of their competency and value.

Over the years RCM has developed an attractive portfolio of capabilities, established a proven record of performance and credibility, and built a competitive pricing structure. This offers clients a compelling value proposition that greatly accelerates the attainment of their business objectives.

RCM’s combination of strong technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge results in its ability to bring effective and efficient solutions to the critical business challenges of their clients.

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