Canada Represented at the 2011 International Nuclear Energy Olympiad

July 18, 2011

Last month we told you about the 2011 International Nuclear Energy Olympiad, an international student competition seeking innovative ways to communicate nuclear technology for public buy-in.

A total of 35 teams from 22 countries around the world applied. According to the sponsoring body, the Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency,

the overall quality of the submissions was exceptionally high making it extremely hard for the Committee to select only 10 teams.

We at TalkNuclear are very proud to announce that the team of CNA summer students, Alex Wolf and James Harrington, was one of those 10 teams selected to present their plan.

Of their plan, Alex and James say: Showing people all the great things about nuclear energy is a complex task. It would be simple to provide widespread education on radiation science and nuclear safety, however not everyone has the time to devote to learning these topics. Different stakeholders have different needs, and our plan will focus on identifying these groups, listening to their specific concerns, and sharing relevant information through direct and word-of-mouth strategies.

CNA summer students Alex Wolf and James Harrington – Representing Canada at the 2011 International Nuclear Energy Olympiad in South Korea

“We’re very happy to among the ten teams selected to present a plan for gaining public acceptance of nuclear in Canada,” said Alex. “We’re also looking forward to hearing what the other teams from other countries are proposing based on their perspective and experience with nuclear,” added James.

In making their selections, WNU (World Nuclear University) and KONEPA (Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency) considered

  • the clarity and creativity of the plans for conducting research on the given topic
  • diversity, both in terms of nationality of the teams taking part in the event,
  • diversity of subjects read by the candidates.

Congratulations Alex and James! Your selection exemplifies the on-going success of the Canadian nuclear community’s commitment and focus on industry renewal and knowledge transfer. Best of luck at the Olympiad in South Korea in September!

The names of the selected teams have been posted on the Olympiad website.

Meet Alex and James:

Alex Wolf  has been close to all things radiation since 2003. He currently serves as a Project Analyst at the Canadian Nuclear Association, where his primary role is in developing and marketing CNA external events, including the annual CNA Conference and Tradeshow. Prior to this, Alex worked as a tour guide at the McMaster Nuclear Reactor while completing his M.Sc. in Radiation Biology. He also received his certification as a Registered Radiation Therapist after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Radiation Sciences in 2008. Alex has a strong interest in international energy and health policy, and is currently completing his MBA at the Schulich School of Business at York University.

James Harrington joined the CNA in May of 2011 after graduating from McMaster University in Hamilton with a B.Eng Society degree in Engineering Physics. His specializations include a broad range of engineering sciences ranging from energy systems, nuclear power and radiation and radioisotope methodology all the way to sustainable development. James’ work with the CNA is focused on the development of an education portal to increase awareness with regards to radiation and the associated health effects. The CNA recognizes McMaster University for their assistance in bringing James on board.

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