Send Your Questions for CNA2012 Panel – Innovative Methods of Communicating Science

February 6, 2012

Ever wonder about all the misinformation circulating about nuclear technology – especially in the last year or so? It’s one thing to know the science behind nuclear technology but knowing how to communicate that knowledge to the general public is another thing entirely. So, how do you get it right?

At this year’s CNA Conference and Trade Show, we have three experts ready and waiting for your questions on what it takes to deliver a “science-y” message in an accurate and intelligible way.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve faced in trying to explain the complex nature of all things nuclear related or science-based? Interested in trips and tricks from our experts? Have a burning question to ask?

We’ll ask your question of our panelists at the 2012 CNA Conference and Trade Show on February 23rd during the panel on Innovative Methods of Communicating Science.

Three ways to send in your questions:

  1. Leave a comment on this post
  2. Post your question on our TalkNUclear Facebook page
  3. Tweet at @TalkNUclear using the #CNASciComm hashtag.

Can’t attend but curious? Follow the panel #hashtag on Twitter – #CNASciComm

Learn more about our moderator and panelists:

Moderator – Jay Ingram


Jay Ingram is a popular science broadcaster and the co‐host of Discovery Channel’s science show, Daily Planet. He has written nine books, three of which have won Canadian Science Writers’ Awards.


Panelist: Susan Brissette

Susan Brissette who has held a variety of senior communication, change leadership and nuclear oversight positions throughout her 20 year career. She is currently responsible for the Bruce Power Management System including Change Management, Quality Assurance, Corporate Assessment and Benchmarking processes. A Canadian, Ms. Brissette began her career in the nuclear industry in the UK in 1992, and returned to Canada in the late 1990s as part of the team that created Bruce Power where she was accountable for reputation management.

Ms. Brissette is an Executive Board member of Women in Nuclear Global and Chair of their Communications Committee. She chaired the Organizing Committee for the highly successful 14th Annual WiN-Global Conference hosted by Canada in late May 2006, which saw some 350 delegates from almost 40 countries come together to showcase the nuclear industry in a unique way – by highlighting the women who are making a unique contribution to the leadership and advancement of nuclear and radiation technologies around the world.

Panelist – Ted Hartwell

Ted Hartwell is the Program Manager for Desert Research Institute’s Community Environmental Monitoring Program, a program that directly involves members of the public in the operation of a network of radiation and weather monitoring stations located in communities surrounding and downwind of the Nevada National Security Site. He is presently serving as Deputy Director of the Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences.

Mr. Hartwell’s archaeological research has focused on three geographic regions: the southern Great Basin, the southern Great Plains, and the pampas of Argentina. Specific interests include hunter-gatherer lithic technology, caching behavior, quarrying behavior, and soil formation processes.

Mr.Hartwell has recently studied how popular culture can affect the public perception of science, most recently speaking as an invited participant at a workshop on “Comet and Asteroid Impacts and Human Society”. He also has produced a publication for the general public that discusses archaeological research at Yucca Mountain on the Nevada National Security Site.

Panelist – Toby Heaps


Toby Heaps is the co-founder and president of Corporate Knights Inc. the magazine for clean capitalism.  Their mission is to humanize the marketplace, making it easier for people to know the environmental and social impacts of their marketplace decisions and to showcase leaders and innovators.  Before founding Corporate Knights, Toby was the managing editor of the Mutual Fund Review magazine and Planning for Profits magazine.   He worked for Conflict Resolution Catalysts in Bosnia, and for several international publications and social organizations in the former Yugoslavia including B-92 in Belgrade.  He has written for the Financial Times, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and Investors Digest.

Mr. Heaps has experience working on political campaigns, including in 2006 as campaign manager for City of Toronto Councillor Adrian Heaps.  On a side note, in 1998, Mr. Heaps played centre field for Yugoslavia’s National Baseball Team.

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