Safe - Canadian Nuclear Association


Safety record

The Canadian nuclear industry is one of the most closely monitored industries in the world – and, in more than 50 years of using nuclear energy, not one fatality has resulted from radiation exposure at a Canadian nuclear power plant or waste storage facility. Very few other industries have such a strong safety record.

Operational safety

The many safety systems of the CANDU nuclear reactor take into account not only human error but also equipment failure and external risks such as earthquakes. Should an accident occur, CANDU reactors are designed to contain radioactive emissions within reactor buildings. The safety of Canadian facilities is further reinforced by the extensive screening and training of power-station operators.

Plant security

Major nuclear facilities are the most protected critical infrastructure in Canada. After the events of September 11, 2001, international bodies placed a renewed focus on the security of nuclear power; Canada’s nuclear industry responded with a substantial hardening of all levels of defense – including armed security forces guarding plants around the clock.