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Research & development

Fusion research

Fusion is a type of nuclear reaction that occurs when atomic nuclei fuse together. Because of the very high temperatures required to cause this reaction, fusion power has been difficult to create and sustain. Canadian research efforts aim at overcoming those difficulties. Canada also contributes to international fusion research through its experience with fusion fuels produced in CANDU reactors.

CANDU developments

Canada has two reactor designs under development; these designs are based on the reliable CANDU-6 reactors, the most recent of which are operating in China. The Enhanced CANDU-6 (EC6) and the Advanced Fuel CANDU reactor (AFCR) represent the next generation of heavy-water reactors.

Research reactors

Canada has several research reactors across the country. These reactors, much smaller than the ones used in nuclear power plants, are used to various ends, including scientific research, non-destructive testing, and the production of radioactive substances for medical, industrial, and scientific uses.