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Vik Tathe

Vik Tathe

Vice President, Business Development

Vik Tathe is Vice President of Business Development for EnergySolutions Canada. Vik joined EnergySolutions in 2008 as Operations and Logistics Manager responsible for operations of the ESWO facility. During his management of ESWO, Vik was responsible for delivering the largest EnergySolutions Canada project to date.

Vik has worked in the nuclear industry for nearly 20 years and began his career as a Radiation Technician with Monserco, Ltd, acquired by EnergySolutions in 2008. Currently Vik is responsible for business development, strategic market growth initiatives and client relations in Canada.

Additional Management responsibilities for Vik include Operations & Logistics Manager, Business Development Manager and head of radiological operations. His strengths include an ability to identify opportunities for business development, negotiating contracts, operating managing project teams and overseeing the delivery of large projects.

Vik currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Nuclear Association. He attended the Canadian Forces Nuclear Biological and Chemical School (CFNBCS) for advanced nuclear response training. Vik has completed Human Performance Practitioner training from the University of Idaho.