Economics - Canadian Nuclear Association


Nuclear power is one of the lowest cost sources of energy. Need Proof?

1) Nuclear is among the most affordable power sources. (Ontario Auditor General.)

2) Continued use of wind and solar energy in Ontario will cost up to 40% more than provincial government estimates. (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.)

3) As of July 2016, nuclear power was cost competitive with all other sources except some higher GHG-emitting fossil fuels. (World Nuclear Association.)

From building to operating and decommissioning a plant, nuclear power provides stable, high-paying jobs for generations. Need Proof?

1) The Canadian nuclear industry generates over $6 billion in revenue annually and provides over 60,000 direct and indirect jobs. (NRCAN.)

2) Nuclear industry jobs are long-lasting (5 to 50 years) and highly-paid, with average salaries of about $100,000 per year. (Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters.)

3) Canadian companies are significant global suppliers of nuclear technology, supplying 75% of the world’s demand for Cobalt-60, which is produced by Bruce Power and harvested by Nordion. (NRCAN.)